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Can fencing add value to your property?

Privacy, security, aesthetics – these are probably the primary reasons that come to mind when considering installing a fence on your property.

Installing a new fence is an inexpensive way to add value to your home. With some obvious benefits such as increased curb appeal, provide a solid foundation for your landscaping, protect your privacy and more.

The function is the most important. Why are you installing a fence? Is it for aesthetic or design purposes? Is it to keep your children and pets safe? These elements, of course, can all affect what type of fence you install.

When considering installing a fence to add potential value to your property it’s important to consider the following:


One of the biggest considerations for families buying a new home is having a safe front garden where pets and children can play safely. Buying a home with a pre-existing fence always the ideal situation for the future homeowner. If you invest in this pre-sale it will make your home far more desirable as it will feel complete rather than leaving for the new owner to install after the sale.


Ensuring your home is a sanctuary away from neighbors, passing traffic and just a safe place for your family to enjoy a privacy fence is the best option. Nobody likes the feeling of the people passing by watching or looking into your home. Your home should feel like a haven away from the world and your space to relax with your family and friends. There is a various range of fences you can install from budget options to higher-end finishes.


Fences are an extension of the design it frames the home. Fences also define your garden space and installing an attractive fence can not only boost the home’s street appeal and undoubtedly increase the value. There are a wide variety of styles and options when matching your fencing to the aesthetic of your home.

Point Blank - Will it add value? That will ultimately depend on who buys your home and if it’s a priority for them. But a private, safe and attractive home is definitely more appealing than one that is exposed and unprotected! We truly believe its an investment worth making for your family or future families who live in the property.

At Blue Croc Manufacturing we offer a wide variety of fences from basic designs to custom builds. Get in contact today for more information about fencing and we can provide you with a complimentary quote.


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